It is now fashionable to be healthy. Therefore, a person who looks after their health, trying to periodically carry out cleansing the body of toxins and accumulated toxins. Many dietary supplements promise to quickly and painlessly cleanse the body in the home. Although in medical terms such thing as a “cleansing of the body” does not exist, is used in more precise and concrete concepts. This begs the question: “Do you need to cleanse the body? whether it would benefit? “.

What is the cleansing of the body, and why is it necessary?

If you are already interested in this question, you may have already realized that actually cleanse the body of toxins is still needed. But let us try to understand vsyo-taki, which is so necessary to cleanse the body?

The body has to cope with the negative impacts of the environment on a daily basis. Of course, it is easier to do this if it is free of toxins. If we want to live a long and full life, then we must create such conditions your body so that it can cope with any adverse effects.

It is noticed that the drugs less effective on the intoxicated organism. Therefore, it happens that a person became ill, and he did not help any medication. It is also noticed that people who have purified your body, treatment is more successful and productive. From this it can be concluded, in order to fight the disease, necessary conditions for recovery.In this case, without cleansing the body can not do, moreover it is needed as bed rest for recovery in the treatment of influenza .

Again, the cause of many diseases – is the result of blockage of the human body organ poisons, slags, alien substances and products of decay. The results are clogged and kidney stones and polyps of the intestine.


Types of purification of the body at home


  • Colon Cleansing folk remedies
  • Colon Cleansing at Malakhov
  • Colon Cleansing Herbs
  • Intestines with salt water Purification
  • Enema to cleanse the bowel
  • Colon Cleansing flax seeds

liver Cleansing

  • Cleansing the liver folk remedies
  • Cleansing the liver on Malakhov
  • Gentle cleansing of the liver on Malakhov
  • Amazing cleansing the liver
  • Liver cleansing herbs
  • Cleansing the liver oats
  • Liver cleansing with olive oil
  • Cleansing the liver beets
  • Cleansing the liver yoga
  • Honey preparation for cleansing the liver
  • Eating after a liver cleanse

Purification of the joints

  • Cleansing joints folk remedies
  • Cleansing joints rice
  • Cleansing joints bay leaf

kidney Cleansing

  • Kidney Cleansing folk remedies
  • Cleansing the kidneys watermelon

Cleansing the lungs

  • Cleansing the lungs of folk remedies
  • Cleansing the lungs of the smoker after smoking
  • Cleansing the lungs and prolong life

Cleansing vessels

  • Cleansing vessels folk remedies
  • Cleansing vessels garlic

Cleansing blood

  • Cleansing the blood of folk remedies
  • Purification blood at home
  • Purification herbal blood
  • Cleansing the lymph and blood
  • Cleansing the blood with leeches

brain Cleansing

  • Purification of the brain vessels
  • Purification of the brain and improve memory

Cleansing the body as a whole

  • The methods of cleansing the body
  • Cleansing the body bath
  • Cleansing the body of folk remedies
  • Cleansing the body of rice
  • Cleansing the body activated carbon
  • Cleansing enema organism
  • A diet to cleanse the body
  • Proper cleansing of the body
  • Cleansing the body juices
  • Purification of lemon juice
  • Cleansing the body by the method Semenova
  • Herbs to cleanse the body
  • Purification of the juice of black radish
  • Purification on a cellular level,

Purification of the pancreas


skin cleansing

  • Skin cleansing folk remedies
  • Purification of the pores in the home
  • Cleansing folk remedies

Requirements to cleanse the body


Before beginning cleaning procedures, refer to the lunar calendar. Our organism is better to clean the full moon. It is also not without significance inner spirit. You must believe in the power of his body, in the power of life which would win any ailment, to convince myself that everything must come out, you will be healthy, full of strength and energy. Of course, a purely mechanical performance of procedures will bring some success, but if all this was done with a positive inner attitude the result will please you very much.

Do not forget, in order to achieve success in a planned and methodical. treatments are also performed from time to time I will also come in handy. But for those who are really worried about your health, you must know that it is not necessary to wait for the disease to happen, and then only to treat it. It is necessary to create such conditions that these diseases do not occur. In this still stands sometimes do things that seemingly do not need to. For the future it was wonderful, get it right now.


About enemas and healthy eating

Doctors any laxatives considered to be one quickly gets used vehicles. Indeed intestines quickly get used to laxatives and ceases to work myself, hoping for a cure.

Efficiency – is vitaminized mixture, which has a laxative effect. It includes: figs, dried apricots, prunes, honey and glycerin, all in equal proportions. All components are ground, mixed and stored in a refrigerator. Take dessert spoon on an empty stomach. Very useful for intestinal microflora – vegetables, fruits and cereals. Otherwise said, the food is rich in fiber.

Even before how antibiotics are many diseases of the lungs and bronchi were discovered cured normalization of bowel function, that is, clean it. And indeed it helped. Each county doctor knew that tuberculosis is accompanied by dysbiosis colon. So enema well filmed bouts of tuberculosis or asthma. Modern medicine explains that the “miracle” healing features of the human circulatory system.

It is not necessary to be an experienced doctor to external human mind to determine how working in his intestines.Dark circles under the eyes, dull skin is inflamed face, immediately give the person suffering from constipation. To all this, you can also add a bad mood and irritability.

Any woman, regardless of nationality and religion, country of residence, studying the medical literature, and visiting physicians from a large number of tools recommended for the normalization of the bowel, choose exactly enema. But do not forget that constipation – this is only a consequence, but the cause is poor diet. European and Russian doctors have proven that cleansing enemas at home is not worth doing more than once in 7-10 days.

Daily infused large amounts of liquid can cause a lot of trouble: to stretch the walls of the intestine, microflora and change the natural acidic environment. As a result of the intestine work will only get worse, and the negative process will only intensify. The liquid used for enemas, it is better to add useful additives. Very well add lemon juice or a decoction of herbs: chamomile, calendula, celandine. Sea salt added to the water for an enema, a very beneficial effect on people prone to hypertension.

Cleansing the body of toxins in the home

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