6 Exercises that are easier and more efficient to run and Sit-ups

There are a number of exercises that against the background of such as running, push-ups and sit-ups, have not received proper distribution among outdoor enthusiasts.However, these exercises are undervalued deserve a second chance, especially for those people who wish to diversify and maximize their workouts.

Some simple exercises for which we do not even pay attention, have a fantastic ability to burn calories and to support the work of the myocardium. Here are some of them.

1. Hiking
One of the most well-known exercise is underestimated by many fans of a healthy lifestyle, and it is in vain! Ordinary walking is much more effective prevents cardiovascular disease, and all because that, in comparison with a run, regular walks are not stressful for the body. They are softer effect on the myocardium, not only strengthening the heart muscle, but also calming the nervous system. Try replacing the quiet walking and running in just a week, you will feel the difference.

2. Climbing stairs
If your goal – burning calories, look for more hard training, in particular to climbing stairs. This exercise activates the muscles of the legs along the entire length, making much more efficient to burn fat on the hips. In addition, climbing the ladder improves cardiovascular function and the heart rate increases. If we analyze, climbing stairs allows you to burn more calories for the same amount of time you spend on running or squats. In addition, your calves will be just in excellent shape.

3. rowing machine
Rowing machine exercises are ideal for the development of the body, as well as to eliminate the fat folds. The bottom line is that through this exercise activates the maximum amount of muscle from the back, arms and shoulders, to the press and buttocks. So this is the exercise that will allow no time costs as much as possible to pump your body and fight the fat deposits are literally everywhere. Besides rowing it relates to aerobic exercise, so in addition to other advantages, such training activate the cardiovascular system.

4. Exercise “Superman”
I must say that to effectively get rid of excess fat and maintain your body in good shape, it is not necessary to leave the house. Many of the exercises are so simple, but so effective that you will be surprised. And some of them you have already done, although they were not aware of this.Take, for example, the activity “Superman.” For its implementation need to lie on the floor belly down and detach from the floor while his hands and feet. This exercise allows you to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms, legs and buttocks. Moreover, this exercise will help align the spine, especially if you have problems with posture.

5. Link rod
Link is a basic exercise bodybuilders that allows you to develop your back muscles. But this does not mean that a person is conceived to strengthen your own body this exercise does not need to.Just do the opposite. Link allows you to strengthen glutes and hamstrings, and besides, quickly removes excess fat from the thighs. But most importantly, this exercise trains the stamina, and, therefore, just a month you will feel that other exercises to perform it became much easier.

6. Classes with dumbbells
Kettlebell is a versatile shell weightlifter, so if your home has a set of weights, consider that you have your own home gym. With this shell, you can perform a variety of exercises, utilizing the back muscles, glutes, biceps, shoulders and legs. And in the process of pumping the muscles you will not notice how to lose a lot of calories, and your cardiovascular system will get stronger noticeable.

Think about the proposed training, regardless of whether you are training in the hall or doing the house. Perhaps in progress you will be new, no less effective exercise. Good health to you!

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6 Exercises that are easier and more efficient to run and Sit-ups

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