7 Things that have changed in your life if you start Planck

Having decided what whatever was to lose weight and regain a beautiful flat stomach, we immediately think about a hike in the gym. That’s only with the accelerated pace of life is not everyone has time to care for themselves and full training on simulators. However, do not despair.According to professional instructors, a viable alternative to work in the gym can become exercises with its own weight. They are simple, practical, and do not require financial investments.Moreover, with its own weight classes do not take up a lot of time, because they can even be carried out at home.

Effective exercise strap

Among the variety of exercises with its own weight, which can achieve excellent results in a short period of time, the bar is considered the best. This is a basic exercise in callanetics, Pilates and stretching, as well as one of the classic yoga Assan. The huge popularity of straps around the world due to its efficiency and versatility. Judge for yourself, with the help of such exercises can strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, hands and bleed the back, buttocks and legs. In addition, the bar can complicate things, in accordance with the level of physical fitness or focus on specific muscles.

Speaking of trims benefits, it should be noted that in addition to building muscle, this exercise helps to actively burn fat. That is, regularly performing the bar can not only regain muscle tone, but also to find the tightened figure. And it is enough to be given to work on a 1 to 5 minutes per day.This article will cover the basic benefits of exercise strap, which can seriously change your life.

7 things that will change your life, if you start to do the bar

1. Improve the working muscle body
As noted above, the bar – one of the most versatile exercise that allows you to pump both breasts and press, arms, legs and buttocks. The importance of pumping each of these muscle groups can not be underestimated. Thanks to the bar, you’ll soon notice that:

  • the muscles are constantly are in good shape, maintaining the harmony of shapes;
  • increase physical fitness and the ability to lift weights;
  • strengthens back and buttocks tightened;
  • improves flexibility and plasticity;
  • strengthens the press.

2. Reduce the risk of back injuries and spinal cord
Exercise helps strengthen the plank abdominal muscles and back muscles – the most important muscle groups to maintain the spine. In this context, regularly performing the bar, you get a reliable protection against all kinds of muscle injuries of the back and spine. Moreover, the continued strengthening of the back muscles with this exercise prevents the appearance of low back pain, osteoarthritis and intervertebral hernia in adulthood.

3. Accelerate the metabolism
Do not think that exercise is a static bar does not affect the metabolism as well as running, swimming or playing sports. In carrying out this exercise, you keep the body in stress that activates the process of burning calories even more than in other exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles (for example, by twisting). By doing this remarkable exercise every day, your body will burn more calories even at rest. And this is good news for people with “sedentary” work, whose body suffers from a slow metabolism. Thus, starting your day with a 5-minute strips, you get a charge of accelerated metabolism for the entire day.

4. improve posture
Orthopedic surgeon recommends that you considered an exercise from a young age and continue to engage in such exercises lifelong. According to experts, the bar is an ideal exercise to build and maintain a correct posture. But straight posture, is not only beautiful and statuesque figure. First of all, it is human health and the protection of the spine curvature, and following this problem, namely, the emergence of degenerative disc disease and intervertebral hernia. That is, the daily strip prevents serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

5. Improve the ability to keep balance
Did you try to stand on one leg more than 3-5 seconds and not fall at the same time? But the ability to keep balance just need those who are seriously engaged in martial arts or boxing. And ordinary people is useful to train this ability to respond more quickly to critical situations quickly and to focus on anything. According to doctors, develop the ability to maintain balance may be in a few months, you just regularly lateral strip, hold the housing body on the arm and the side of the leg.

6. improve flexibility
It is no secret that flexibility is the range of mobility of our joints. Freedom of movement of the joints allows us to take a certain posture in the gym, as well as in everyday life. However, a sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on the flexibility of the joints, which ultimately leads to a curvature of the spine, the appearance of cramps and muscle blocks. And, often, it suffers from the back, in particular the lumbar region. As a result, the lack of much-needed gymnastics leads to deterioration of plastics and contributes to the emergence of various problems with the body. To prevent this, it is important to regularly do the bar, which perfectly stretches the muscles.Particularly useful in this regard, the side plank.

7. improve mood
In addition to helping the body in the physical plane, the bar has beneficial effects on the nervous system, helping to improve mood. It turns out that during the exercise stretches the muscles, which are usually located in the state of stress, causing stress and irritability. Planck is perfectly calms the nerves, helping to cope with anxiety, and preventing depression.

Rules for making strips

Classical strap
1. Lie on the floor face down and bolt upright. Uprites palms and elbows to the floor forearm hold perpendicularly to the floor and your feet are brought together and put your weight on your toes.
2. The back and legs at the same time must form a straight line. Try to keep the body parallel to the floor.
3. Abdomen maximum retracts into itself and kept so until the end of the exercise. It is important to control your breathing, to be calm, in the same rhythm.
4. Buttocks and legs also need to keep tight from the beginning to the end of the exercise.
5. Feet is desirable to bring together, but if you think this position is extremely difficult, it is possible to reduce the load, with legs shoulder-width apart.

Hold the body in this position until the moment when you feel a strong burning sensation and pain in the light press. Begin preferably with 20 seconds, daily increasing the duration of the exercise.Over time, you will easily hold the bar 3 and even 5 minutes.

If the exercise seems too easy, you can increase the load. To do this, keep your feet together, or the body does not hold at the elbows, and on the straight hands, resting your palms on the floor.

Side plank
1. Turning to the side, lean on the palm and elbow supporting his hands, and keep the forearm perpendicular to the floor surface.
2. The housing body and brought together legs should form a straight line diagonally to the floor and rest on the outer side surface of the skating foot.
3. Free hand rests on the thigh, and the free leg is in the supporting leg.

This variation of the exercise is more complicated in comparison with the classic version. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the hips and obliques, literally for 1-2 months, if the exercise every day, at least 3 minutes.

Increase physical activity during this exercise, you can also, as in the performance of a classical bar. To do so, straighten out and to rely only on his hand, and his free hand and foot hold in the air, parallel to the body. The area of the support in this case is substantially reduced as the load increases, and therefore, the problem is significantly complicated retention balance. In addition, retained on the weight of the leg provides additional strain buttocks, back and abdominal muscles.

Finally, we wish to beginners not to hurry, gradually accustoming himself to the implementation of this very complex, but very effective exercises. Begin to keep the body in a bracket with 20 seconds, increasing the duration of the exercise for 10 seconds every day. Eventually you reach the optimal 5 minutes. And at first right for a classic strap, but when exercise ceases to cause a burning sensation in the thighs and the press should move to a more complex side bar. I wish you health and good tone!

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7 Things that have changed in your life if you start Planck

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