Chinese gymnastics Qigong – The harmony of body and soul

Achieving harmony and perfection – the main task of the Chinese gymnastics Qigong. The quest for beauty and health is common to many people.Many have tried to imagine a variety of wellness techniques, different exercises. In the absence of contraindications and the presence of pre-physical preparation of all such efforts must lead to remarkable results.

gymnastics Principles

Qigong – is a unique system, which helps to realize the most courageous dreams, allows to achieve the maximum effect in achieving this goal. Upon closer examination, this Chinese gymnastics is a system of special exercises, based on a holistic human perception, which include energy, spiritual and physical components. This is the traditional approach for the Chinese art of psychophysical improvement. According to an ancient eastern philosophy, the concept of a harmonious and happy life should be based on a constant concern for the body and the human soul.

These basic principles and built special complexes of exercises which in China is called “Health Qigong.” The special appeal of such studies is the extraordinary simplicity of exercises available to almost everyone, regardless of age and fitness. Qigong has been developed with the aim to anyone able to make a significant change of ownership, improve health, enhance immunity , normalize the emotional state.

Features of Qigong

Before starting the exercises should pay attention to some features of the gym. By visual observation Chinese gymnastics Qigong resembles martial arts with distinctive elements and movements, but in slow motion. However, despite the similarity of the difference between Qigong and martial arts principle. Gymnastics is designed for creation and not to destroy the mind and body. During the course all the positions and movements are very smooth, as if stretched over time. When their performance person briefly stops and performs over time a few breaths.According to the Chinese tradition of qigong exercises is performed barefoot outdoors to recharge the Earth.

Three degrees of ownership

Each set of exercises is composed of three degrees of ownership methodology. A person who wants to learn Qigong technique is to initially learn how to do the exercises. The first phase is the relaxation of the body Alternating voltage, which allows you to learn to control the body and possess the physical shell.

The second step involves the fusion of natural movements and proper breathing. In carrying out various exercises carried out various breathing. The effect of exercise is enhanced by several times. At this stage, there is an intensive type is generall therapeutic process.

In the third degree of the Chinese gymnastics a conscious proper breathing and exercise added to the work of consciousness. It is the third stage helps a person to achieve psychological balance, to get the desired emotional state. Qigong allows a person to become a harmonious, happy person, one with the world around them.

What results are obtained gymnastics

It is believed that when a person accumulates a complex Qigong own energy body. Therefore, in practice, there is a constant adequate supply of the internal energy, increased life expectancy, improved quality. In general, the complexes of the Chinese gymnastics set. If desired, each person will be able to pick up necessary, the most appropriate course for it. To learn Qigong exercises alone is difficult, so the classes should be started under the supervision of an experienced mentor in an organized group of like-minded people.

Many people have difficulties in mastering the technique of the gym, but the restoration of the energy balance, breathing exercises and relaxation they will certainly learn. Very popular Qigong enjoys among office workers because of the ability of this unique gymnastics remove stress .Some women have adapted the Chinese exercises for weight loss . Still Qigong exercises designed primarily to maintain harmony, getting rid of the mental, emotional and physical ailments.I wish you health!

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Chinese gymnastics Qigong – The harmony of body and soul

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