From Myths to Facts – The whole truth about yogurt

The use of antibiotics and other medications, hormonal changes, mental stress, poor diet – all of which can adversely affect the population of beneficial bacteria in the body and thereby disturb its ecological balance. But there are products that allow you to neutralize the harmful effects of the environment, help to cope with problems that arise in the body. It is a natural yogurt. What can help the dairy product? Let’s face it.

Facts you need to know

Rich in calcium. Bio-yogurt contains a lot of calcium, which is well absorbed by the body. Just one glass of this drink consumed daily, provide the body with the nutrients needed to strengthen and maintain bone health.

Furthermore, studies have shown that the consumption of at least three low-fat dairy products a day reduces the risk of bone fractures and disorders. White fat-free yogurt, can certainly be one of these products.

Proteins are necessary for health. One cup of yogurt contains 5-9 grams of complete protein that provides the body with all essential amino acids. The organism itself produces them, except nine, which it receives from the food, and a complete protein, a part of the yogurt, contains all the essential amino acids.


Good for the figure, and not only significant advantage of yogurt is that it contains very little fat and lots of protein, promotes a feeling of satiety.. Yogurt – a healthy, tasty and not burdensome product that brings a feeling of satiety. Therefore, it can be consumed by those who are concerned about their weight. Daily consumption of yogurt will provide the body essential nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals.

Strengthening the body with antibiotics. The use of antibiotics destroy the beneficial bacteria that protect the human body. Yogurt – one of the best and healthiest ways to restore damaged populations of beneficial bacteria, it significantly strengthens the immune system.

Yogurt contains bifidobacteria and acidophilus. Once in the intestine, they begin to multiply. Having reached a certain amount, they contribute to the improvement of health, helps the body digest food and absorb vitamins and minerals.

If lactose intolerance lack of lactase -. An enzyme that breaks down lactose – varies from one person to another. People whose body metabolizes lactose bad, should choose dairy products that contain it in small amounts – such as yogurt, low-lactose, milk, cottage cheese, cheese.

The products are useful for the digestive system. Most of the products we consume contain bacteria, viruses and toxins. But do not worry – the digestive system protects the body and prevents the ingress of bacteria into the bloodstream. And here comes to the aid of yogurt – the use of even one glass of this product launch mechanism microflora recovery and stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria. Eat yogurt, this miracle product – it will give you health and wellness!

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From Myths to Facts – The whole truth about yogurt

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