Recipes cold teas Salvation in hot weather

In a northern country like Russia, freshly made iced tea for a long time was not a widespread drink. But the hot summer months of the last decade have shown that the recipes for such an ideal beverage in the hot weather, which perfectly protects and tones the body, have become very popular.

Currently, iced tea can be purchased in almost any supermarket, but every self-respecting hostess should always keep in service with their own recipes ice teas. For iced tea opens up extraordinary opportunities for culinary improvisation, imagination. Freshly made ice tea contains the maximum amount of useful ingredients.

For homemade cold tea-based beverage can be used absolutely any tea – black, red, green, white, hibiscus . For these purposes are great flavored teas, giving the drink a special attraction and piquancy. And it should be remembered that the tea leaves for iced tea taken a stronger consistency than usual, because the cooled tea beverage made to dilute juices, served with plenty of ice.

Oolong TeaCold black tea

The most frequent prescription of such beverages include classic iced tea, which includes such ingredients as black tea in the amount of two teaspoons of sugar to taste, a slice of lemon, 3 slices of ice. Prepare a simple drink. You must first make the tea, strain the cooled beverage, add honey or sugar or powdered sugar, ice and garnish with a slice of lemon, served in a beautiful glass, best with a straw.

Mint CinnamonMint-citrus based drink black tea

There is also a prescription cold teas refers loved by many, often be cooked based drink citrus fruit with the addition of fragrant refreshing mint. Prepare this wonderful drink can, using the following ingredients. You will need a tablespoon of freshly made lemon juice , 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed orange juice, 2 tablespoons of infusion based on mint, natural bee honey, 200 milliliters of freshly brewed black tea, pre-strained. For the preparation should be thoroughly mix the lemon and orange juice with mint infusion, add honey to taste, then pour the existing components of a cold strong tea.

Tea with spices and juices

Be sure to attract the attention of lovers of refreshing tea drink called “refreshing.” It is quite possible to include in the collection of recipes for cold teas. To make this cooling summer drink need to take a bag of tea leaves, a glass of plain water, a glass of pineapple juice , freshly made juice of half a lemon, half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, ground allspice a little sugar to taste.The water is mixed with pineapple, lemon juice, bring to a boil, immediately turn off, then add sugar, spices available. After adding all the ingredients should be boiled mixture, covered, for 5 minutes. Then put in the drink tea bag after 10 minutes of refreshing tea is ready. It is required to cool and serve with ice in a tall glass.

Cranberry juiceTea with cranberries and orange

If you love this useful berry cranberry, wave can prepare iced tea with cranberry and orange. This recipe iced tea rightly be called one of the best. You will need to take one small orange, black tea bag, ordinary water, freshly prepared in any way the amount of cranberry juice in one glass, sugar to taste. Removal from orange peel pour hot, prepared from a bag, strong tea. Insist half an hour, then strain the infusion, add cranberry juice, water, sugar or honey and stir. The flesh is orange halves cut into small pieces, put into molds for making citrus ice. Pour the tea mixture. Place in the freezer until completely freezing. Ready ice cubes neatly into glasses, add ice-cold beverage. The result will please you.

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Recipes cold teas Salvation in hot weather

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