Top 8 most effective exercises for the press

Who of us at least once in my life have struggled to do their own press? Women think about it, hoping to gain a slender waist and have a trim tummy, and men want to work the abdominal muscles and become owners of the elastic press with diced muscle. However, in fact, a rare man can boast of having succeeded in his desire.Maybe we do something wrong?

In fact the path to finding a long press of the relief, which requires manifestations of volitional qualities, commitment and perseverance. It is the lack of will power and a lack of motivation, and often stand in the way of people who want to gain a seductive belly relief. A person who wants to see the press cubes on his stomach, the need for intensive training with weights. And one only exercise perfect press does not get it. This requires a second component, namely, well-balanced nutrition. Shaking his abdominal muscles, but ignoring diet, even the development of the press will be hidden layer of fat. At the same time, eating right, but are not doing exercises for the abs, you will get rid of excess fat, but abdominal muscles never will gain the necessary elasticity. That is why finding a beautiful embossed media you will need both intensive training and a suitable diet.

Fair to say that nice tight stomach can be obtained even without leaving home, and spending on employment up to 20 minutes a day! This is a definite plus these exercises. That’s just the abdominal muscles rather quickly adapt to the same stresses and should therefore think about diversity, and make it a rule to perform a set of exercises for abdominal muscles. In the arsenal of professional fitness instructors, there are 8 basic exercises that will not only strengthen your abs and give it the desired relief, but also will save the abdominal muscles from strains and injuries.

It is only important to remember that each exercise is performed in three sets of 15-20 times at intervals of 30 seconds.

Top 8 most effective exercises for the press

Exercises For Mom1. “Crunch”, or classic twist
Crunch refers to the study of the basic exercises the press, and therefore in any program involves working with the abdominal muscles, it should be number one. For its implementation should take classic position for working the muscles of the torso, and then: lie on your back, bend your knees, lean on your feet, hold the head and hands dilute elbows to the side. With this, as a rule, no one is no problem, but the technique of the elements of many “suffering.” Remember, doing this item, do not take your lower back off the floor. It should be tightly pressed against the surface to prevent stretching. The back is all over employment should remain straight. Exhaling, lift your shoulders off the floor just to 25-30 degrees, linger for a moment in this position, then return to starting position.Elbows with the need to look to the sides, the neck does not bend, and the chin is not pressed against the chest. It is in such a position most abdominal muscles are utilized.

2. Curl with a spring
This element is a more complicated form of the classic “crunch”. Terms of his performance is exactly the same as the rules of the previous exercises, with the only difference being that taking the starting position, lift the shoulders 25 degrees and make three swinging forward, maintaining a small amplitude. Loins while pressed against the floor, and back and neck remain straight. When the reporting exercise is better to depart from the usual scheme in the three sets of twenty times by a suitable circuit in three sets of ten times with three rockings.

3. Curl-rotating side
This is another effective element on the basis of already known to us the classic “crunch”, to which is added pumping oblique abdominal muscles. A distinctive feature of this element is the need to keep the weight on his shoulders in the starting position. Fixing such a position, start to do twisting, reaching first the left elbow toward the right knee, then return to the starting position and reaching the right elbow towards the left knee. All you need to perform 10 sit-ups in turn to each of the parties, then it is possible to fall back on the entire surface of the floor and 30 seconds of rest.Three such approach will train great lateral muscles of the torso. If the first session to hold his hands behind his head is problematic, just try to keep them in front of or alongside the body.

Exercises for the abs4. Raising the body with twists
Considered exercise can cause difficulty for beginners, however, learn how to perform it, you will increase the efficiency of pumping the oblique abdominal muscles at least 2 times! To lift the body from the twists necessary to go to the starting position with an institution of the back of his head with his hands and legs bent at the knees. Only in this case the ankle of the left foot should be placed on the right knee. Lift shoulders above the floor need to fix this situation and start twisting, bending the right elbow towards the left knee and going back, but not falling blades to the floor. By doing 15-20 of these twists, you can fall back on a flat surface, change the leg and repeat the exercise with slopes in the opposite direction. During the housing boom main thing is not to fall on the shoulders and not overwhelm the side.

5. Simultaneous lifting legs
In the supine position should be slightly lifted feet above the floor and lock them in this position.This will be the initial posture from which to start to raise the legs perpendicular to the housing body and lower them parallel to the floor without touching the surface. Loin in the performance of the element should be kept tightly pressed to the floor, but if it starts to bend the legs at the rise, try to put a hand under the gluteal muscles, thereby lifting the pelvis. Loin in this case is in contact with the floor.

6. Alternate lifting legs
This exercise is exactly the same as the previous one, with the only difference being that the feet should be lifted one by one, making the so-called “scissors”. This will pump the lower press details. And to complicate this item and include the elaboration of the top press when performing exercises, lift the shoulders above the floor and hold them suspended.

7. Raise the pelvis in the “birch”
In the position on his back, place your hands along the body and, based on them, lift your legs stretched vertically to socks looked up. Using only your abdominal muscles, lift the pelvis as much as possible, performing “birch”, and then return to the starting position. Carrying element, keep the legs straight, not throwing back their advance. And try to do the movements smoothly, without jerking, to feel the abdominal muscles are working.

lath8. Exercise “strap”
One of the most effective exercises in the complex muscle study of the press is an element called “strip”. From the previous exercises it offers versatility, as performing “bar” you enable not only the abdominal muscles, but also the muscular system as a whole. Running classic “bar” in the following way: you have to lie on the floor, leaning on the arms bent at the elbows, as well as socks legs extended along the body. Hold the body parallel to the floor surface, it is necessary to strain every muscle and secure position for one to two minutes. If the same exercise will seem easy, you can increase the duration to three trims, or even up to five minutes. Full exercise involves three full approach.


Perform each of the following exercises, you will feel a burning sensation, the intensity of which will gradually increase. If burning and mild pain in the abdominal muscles are not available, then you are doing the exercise correctly. It makes sense to read the instructions and correct implementation of the technique. But the main factor, which we mentioned earlier in this article, of course, will power. In this respect, one should not give yourself indulgences and try as much as possible to facilitate the exercises. Only patience and maximum motivation will allow you to achieve excellent results, and therefore gain an elastic, embossed press. I wish you health and beauty!

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Top 8 most effective exercises for the press

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