7 evidence-based way to be happy

Many people have heard the phrase, man is created for happiness, like a bird for flight. But most of all, people rarely ask themselves, “Am I Happy?” And can not always answer this question unambiguously. But always know and understand what their mood at the moment. Good humor is one of the components of happiness. How to improve your mood and get a little happier?

In order to change your life, become more happy and optimistic about the future , you must rewire the work of the mind. It requires a lot of time and effort. It becomes quite clear that patience is one of the highest virtues.

However, not everything that improves mood, is given great difficulty. Science says that there are several healthy and fast way to feel good here and now. Here are seven techniques to help you become happier, just by changing mood.

1. Do a good deed for someone

Psychologists have found that good deeds, help others, make us happier than what we do for fun (walk, ice cream parlors, cinemas, etc). The man from the good deed is experiencing positive feelings are much brighter than at personal pleasure. However, often we are so caught up in the immediate things that completely forget about the kindness of acts that could do yourself (or others do) to feel great. Studies show that by helping others, we become happier (and there is always something to share happy person). But taking the kindness and generosity of others, we are also getting better.

2. Exercise

Sports, exercise, physical exercise are healthy enhancers of good mood. Studies have shown that exercise can even improve mood in people suffering from depression. Active movement helps produce endorphins, which improves mood.

3. The practice of meditation

Meditation is amazing on the effects of mental exercise. The practice of meditation brings positive emotions, which, in turn, leads to other benefits – greater awareness, commitment, reduce health problems and so on. In addition, it can help to extend love and compassion to himself – a man who probably need it the most!

4. Log in to the stream

Feed – it’s almost a magical state of being, where the person is fully immersed in a task, concentrating on it. Time stops, there is complete concentration, releases all the people. In the stream of pleasure combined with the efforts and sense of activity, there is an active sense of joy.Studies show that people who enter the flow regularly, much happier.

5. To see the three good events

Daily effort and time spent on it to remember and write down three good or pleasant events that happened today in your life, will feel fantastic. This task focuses on the good, the brain increases the upbeat mood and enhances appreciation of all that is valuable in your life.

6. A hug or even touch

Touch is one of the basic human needs, is one of the ways of communication and interaction not only people but also animals. In today’s world, people are increasingly shying away from the touch, but it is very important for health and happiness.

Scientists in Sweden, as a result of the experiments found that even a slight stroke increases the production of oxytocin (a hormone happiness and love), reducing stress levels and emotional stress. This hormone increases the amount of serotonin and dopamine – the pleasure hormone and decreases levels of the stress hormone.

Friendly handshake, easy to maintain touch, hugs , massages, etc., help us to feel more connected with each other, create a feeling of fellowship and community, and it is a sure way to happiness.

7. Dance

Dance at the disco among friends or a solo dance in the kitchen, it is an instant cure for the blues.A recent study of adolescent girls showed a positive and lasting impact on the dance emotional state. Anyone knows that it is impossible to be sad and unhappy when jump up, like a small child, the music in your own living room. Be healthy!

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7 evidence-based way to be happy

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