How to Brew Rosehip Correctly

It is well known that the flower of the rose refers to the ornamental horticulture and the elite is a real gem of gardens. The majestic beauty “queen of flowers” and the mesmerizing charm any person, indifferent to the representative of plant flora.Meanwhile, the rose has a “grandparent”, which people have long been worshiped by his unsurpassed healing qualities. It turns out that all existing varieties of garden roses were put back in the old days by crossing and selection of breeding of wild rose hips. Various varieties of this shrub of the Rosaceae family grow on almost every continent of the world on both sides of the equator.Rosehip has always been a special honor and Slavic peoples, so many of us it is known under such names as “wild rose”, “magical fruit”, “king-berry”, “shipovny color.”

People who want to improve the body and help in the fight against various illnesses, in the course are all parts of the plant: leaves, flowers, roots, and, of course, fruit with seeds. In today’s world to extract useful components from the hips joined the pharmaceutical companies. For example, Dog rose syrup is known to all of us since childhood. In folk medicine, a broad popular extracts, decoctions, alcohol tinctures based on “wild roses.” And what an amazing napar (gradually cooling down the infusion) is obtained from the roots of wild rose in the Russian furnace, known only to the villagers. People are also living in the large (and not) the cities, not hurt to have an idea on how to properly brew rose hip, to get the maximum benefit from this wonderful herb.

Useful properties of rosehip

The broad scope of the “wild rose” in the therapeutic and prophylactic purposes is due to the rich biological composition healing bush. Rosehip contains organic acids, pectins, vitamins A, E, P, K, essential minerals: calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, chromium, and iron. Still, the greatest value of this plant is the high content of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which can significantly improve the immune system and successfully fight colds, atherosclerotic manifestations, seasonal vitamin deficiency. Vitamin drinks made with rose hips, oppose the development of inflammatory processes, improve digestion, have a bactericidal effect, strengthen the cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure, diuretic, accelerate the regeneration of damaged connective tissues. Seeds of fruit “wild rose” is used for the preparation of essential oils and drugs from the dried roots of the plant have astringent hemostatic effect due to the presence of tannins (tannins). Dog rose tea increases the hemoglobin, so useful for pregnant women to prevent the development of iron deficiency anemia.In addition, it helps to get rid of the swelling and eases severe manifestations of toxicity. Today in the pharmacy network can be purchased dried rose hips, but people who have an opportunity to harvest most useful raw materials, ensure themselves maximum number of medicinal substances.

Features harvesting fruit “wild rose”

Bright red “king-berry” harvested in the autumn, in September-October until the first frost came.Later Dog rose fruits become brown, they increased the content of natural sugars, and concentration of vitamin and mineral composition is reduced. Drinks made from late harvested berries are becoming less useful, but more sweet. For harvesting using dense (preferably canvas) gloves, because the plant stalks are covered with prickly spines. Freshly harvested rose hips is very juicy. Outdoors they will be dry for a long time, so it is best to use a special oven or dryer. To store the dried raw materials are most suitable cardboard box, or rag bag. Dog rose prepares drinks each in its own way, but the basic meaning of the proper brewing fruit “wild rose” – it does not destroy the vitamin manufactured raw materials base.

Rules infusion of rose hips

Removing all the useful components of the “magical fruit” calls for a careful and even “gentle” approach. Otherwise drink can turn into a tasteless and useless yellowish vodichku in which there will be no trace of vitamins and minerals. First of all, the berries should be a good wash and cleanse them from dust and dirt, resulting in the collection and drying. For brewing can not use the fruits, covered with mold, so they should be stored in a dry place. Each time it is recommended to prepare a fresh drink, as after 12 hours of useful properties of Dog rose teas and infusions lost.And the most important rule of “smart” infusion fruit “wild rose” – it does not prevent them from cooking. In boiling water at a temperature of 100 ° C lost a significant part of the pristine vitamin-mineral base, and vitamin C, in general, is completely destroyed. Therefore, do not brew rose hip in boiling water and wait a few minutes so that the water has cooled down a little. Drink brewed rosehips recommended one glass half an hour before a meal, drink a daily dose should not exceed 1 – 1.5 liters. Be aware of the high concentration in the fruit “wild rose” ascorbic acid, so an overdose Dog rose beverage can result in serious trouble.

briarBrewing fresh rose hips

Of course, the preparation of medicinal drinks made with fresh fruit “wild rose” is only possible during their maturation, that is, within just a few weeks. But from such a brewed rose hip is “pulled” the most useful substances. You will need to take 3 tablespoons of fresh bright red fruits which are recommended to pierce with a fork and knead until smooth. Thus caution should be exercised as a fresh “king-berry” has one insidious feature: there are present “rough” villi that can irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat and cause sore, cough, and in contact with eyes, provoke them tearing. Ideally, the best fruit at all clear from the hair, but the process is quite laborious and lengthy. Prepared berries are poured into the brewing container (preferably glass), pour 500 ml of hot water, wrap up and give it brew for 40 minutes. Then, the infusion is filtered through several layers of wide bandage or gauze. But the preparation of Dog rose drink from fresh berries do not end there.

Used when brewed fruit should shift into a saucepan, then pour half a liter of hot water and boil for half an hour. There may be a legitimate question: why to do it, because cooking rosehip berries are not recommended? The fact that the 40-minute infusion of fresh fruit has carefully allowed to extract from them the bulk of vitamins and minerals, and cooking broth makes it possible to “pull” from the berries remaining useful components, which are not terribly high temperatures. In the future, the broth is cooled, filtered, mixed with infusion and drink is ready for use.

Tea from the hipsBrewing dried rosehip

The most common method of preparation of the beverage is brewing Dog rose dried fruit “wild roses.” This is not surprising, since such a prepared or purchased medicinal raw materials is suitable for use at any time of the year. Samu brewing process can be carried out in a glass jar with a screw lid or plastic, but still for a complete extraction of the useful components of dry berries are best suited thermos. Only insulating vessel must be equipped with the bulb glass. Metal thermos hinder the full liquid extraction (extraction) of vitamins and minerals contained in the raw material.

To obtain the correct concentration of the medicinal drink, observe the prescribed proportion of 100 grams of dry fruit “wild rose” (about 4 tablespoons) per 1 liter of water. In the future, you can go two ways. In the first case, pour hot water whole rose hips, placed in a thermos. This drink is subsequently not necessarily strain through cheesecloth, but it turns out less concentrated. The second option provides for pre-grinding of dried berries with a mortar, grinder or a modern kitchen appliance – the blender. The drink will be really saturated and, therefore, more useful, but will have to watch out for those already mentioned Dog rose villi. They are very intrusive, and therefore tend to remain on the hands, to get into the eye, or to penetrate the oral mucosa. So, berries pour into a thermos of hot, but not boiling water and allow to infuse healing drink for 7 – 10 hours. This is best done in the evening, then morning home recreation facility will be ready.

Brewing hips in a water bath

Many people believe that the most pronounced flavor qualities Dog rose drink appear when brewed in a water bath. This method of preparing a remedy takes a little longer, but the useful efficiency is not inferior to the recipes already discussed above. It will take 2 tablespoons of chopped fresh or dried fruit “wild rose” pour half a liter of hot water. Capacity close the lid and put in a pot larger, in which water boils at a low heat. infusion time in water bath – 15 minutes. Then drink cooled, strain and drink throughout the day to strengthen the immune system and overall health.

Brewing wild rose leaves

As already mentioned, to prepare medicinal drinks can be based not only on the fruit “king-berry.”In particular, the weight of medicinal qualities of green leaves have a “wild roses.” In addition to vitamin C, carotenoids contained therein, polysaccharides, tannins, saponins, catechins. Drink and drugs made from Dog rose leaves, helps to recover faster sick people with colds, stomach disorders, sciatica, rheumatism, and even malaria. Today in pharmacies can buy dried rosehip leaves ready for brewing, or as part of various herbal and herbal teas.

For the preparation of a useful drink is preferable to use for this brew, discussed in the previous recipe. It should be one tablespoon of dry Dog rose leaves pour two cups of hot water for 20 minutes, to insist on a water bath. Strained drink drink three times a day instead of the usual tea.

Brewing rosehip flowers

Beautiful sterile white or pink flowers of this medicinal plant captivate not only in their appearance and sweet smell, but can bring tangible benefits to our health. In them there is a lot of natural flavonoids that have powerful antioxidant effects. Drinks Dog rose flowers have anti-inflammatory, regenerative, analgesic properties, they help with fever, strong cough, headaches, flatulence, a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Flowers “Wild Rose” is brewed like regular tea. We need one tablespoon of vegetable raw pour a glass of hot water, to insist 10 – 15 minutes and strain. Healing drink drink with the addition of a teaspoon of honey.

Brewing wild rose root

This article deals with the preparation of healthful beverages from different parts of the wild rose, so did not ignore the useful properties of the roots of this unique thorns. It should be noted that the feedstock does not itself use the rhizome, and rays of side-shoots roots. They contain catechins, rare organic compounds called triterpenoids and tannins, which have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, astringent and hemostatic effect. But in order to extract the valuable biologically active components of the roots “wild rose”, they still need some time to boil. Therefore, in this case, it would be more correct to speak not of welded roots of wild rose, and decoction of this vegetable raw materials. Nevertheless, the use of such a beverage provided substantial assistance in urolithiasis and cholelithiasis, hepatitis, rheumatism, hypertension, arthritis, arthrosis, uterine bleeding.

Of course, the famous village napar in urban areas can not be obtained, therefore, for the preparation of healing tools need one tablespoon of finely ground roots of “wild rose” pour half a liter of hot water, boil for 15 minutes, let it brew for half an hour, then cool, strain and use for of the day as a medicinal tea.

briarTea-based beverages brewed rose hip

Infusions of brewed “king-berry” is used in its pure form or mixed with cranberry, raspberry, currant, birch sap. Fans of sour drinks add lemon juice and a sweet tooth – a teaspoon of honey.Here are a few recipes for healing teams based beverages rose hip, recommended by specialists of traditional medicine.

Recipe 1 -. Vitamin Helps tea for colds, fever, vitamin deficiency, reduced immunity. It is necessary to mix one teaspoon Dog rose fruits, leaves, cranberries, raspberries and black currants. Vegetable mixture pour a glass of hot water, to insist in a tightly wrapped up capacity for an hour, after which a vitamin drink is ready for use.

Recipe 2 -. Tonic tea helps with fatigue, depression, loss of strength, weakening the physical and mental activity, reducing the overall body tone. A mixture of fruit “wild rose”, blackberry leaves and strawberries (one teaspoon), as well as the roots of Eleutherococcus (2 teaspoons), pour two cups of hot water, infuse for half an hour, drain. Home medication should be divided into three parts and drink during the day.

Recipe 3 -. Soothing tea helps with psychological stress, nervous disorders, insomnia. In this case, the need to pour two cups of hot water and infuse for half an hour the following mixture: one teaspoon Dog rose fruits, hops, mint leaves and valerian roots. Drink filtered and used three times a day between meals.

Thus, if know and like rosehips brew properly, it is easy to make in a unique healing power of this unpretentious thorns. Just be aware that if an exacerbation of peptic ulcer and gastritis with high acidity receive potions of fruits, leaves, flowers and roots “wild rose” is contraindicated. It can also negatively affect the health of the uncontrolled use of infused rose hips. But if you know when to stop and observe the rules of brewing “magical fruit”, the drinks will be prepared by this elixir of life, given to us by nature. Be healthy!

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How to Brew Rosehip Correctly

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