Natural Alternatives Most drink Medicines

According to estimates of physicians, people tend to take the medicine more often than necessary.Some people only US residents spend on medication more than 300 billion dollars a year, and, according to statistics, every citizen of this country receives at least one drug per month, and 1/3 of the population -. Two or more drugs.

Of course, drugs – a human allies that often save lives and alleviate suffering. However, the medication without a doctor’s prescription in most cases only eliminates the symptoms, not solving the problems. So maybe it makes no sense to spend huge sums for the purchase of medicines, which pose a serious burden on the liver and stomach hit the wall? Especially that traditional medicine can offer natural alternatives to almost every known drugs. If you are concerned about the damage that causes the body to the medication, ask about what you can replace them.

10 natural alternatives most widely used drugs

Chamomile1. drugs reduce pressure (Inderal, Lisinopril)
According to WHO statistics, reducing pressure medication more often than other drugs used without a doctor’s prescription. And given that they are taken systematically, the amount of consumed medicines is huge. But gradually the body gets used to this drug, with the result that they cause more damage to the stomach than good circulatory system. Can you find them a decent alternative? According to doctors, in particular, is worth a try chamomile tea. For many centuries it is the tool helps people to cope with hypertension. With regular use helps to normalize the pressure and pomegranate juice. Physicians have to deal with this issue offer welcome special additives, particularly those containing the antioxidant coenzyme Q10, which is perfectly dilates blood vessels and helps to lower blood pressure. And some people for normalization of pressure and did enough to change the diet, making sure that the body received daily 200 mg of magnesium and 500 mg of potassium.

Peppermint Oil2. Analgesics (Analgin, Paracetamol)
Doctors prescribe painkillers millions of recipes, but even more of these drugs available on the open market, but because ordinary people almost do not think about visiting a doctor in case of pain, but just go to the drugstore and buy a powerful analgesic. And because no one thinks that the regular use of such means destroy the liver and kidneys, causing problems with the stomach, and besides, most of them are addictive. What can replace such drugs? According to doctors, from headaches save essential oils of mint, lavender and basil. It is enough to a few minutes to inhale the vapors of these oils, the pain vanished. From toothache saves rinse decoction of sage or a solution of common salt. With muscle and joint pain should be fought with the help of a contrast shower, meditation sessions and manual therapy. As practice shows, face the past 8 sessions of manual therapy for two to three months to forget about the discomfort. Incidentally, physical activity also helps fight muscle and joint pains. Proved 30 minutes of anaerobic loads per day contribute to the active production of endorphins, which act in the body as a natural painkiller.

Garlic3. Means of lowering cholesterol levels (simvastatin, atorvastatin)
More than 70% of people suffering from hypercholesterolemia, ie, high cholesterol content in the blood, get a recommendation from doctors taking statins – drugs to reduce the concentration of “bad” lipoprotein. Statins really help. By blocking the action of a particular enzyme in the liver, they prevent the production of cholesterol by the body. True to make such drugs should be every day, often for several years. Is it a worthy alternative to there? It turns out, the most common garlic can replace the action of statin drugs because it contains a particular substance – allicin, which does not sag of plaque on artery walls and facilitates their removal from the body. A beneficial effect on the body is different and dry red wine. It’s beautiful thins the blood and increases the level of “useful” cholesterol. The main thing to remember that the allowable rate of dry wine a day should not exceed 150 grams. A recent study scientists say that just one slice of dark chocolate per day is 10 times more effective than any medication for controlling hypercholesterolemia.

Carrot Juice4. Medications against hypothyroidism (Levothyroxine)
Problems with the thyroid gland work now familiar to every third inhabitant of our country. And the disease is especially prevalent among women, stepped 50-year milestone. And almost every patient who seeks the help of a doctor, an endocrinologist appoints agents to fill the lack of thyroid hormone. That’s just not a hasty decision whether it is immediately grasp at the drug? It is possible hypothyroidism developed in the body due to lack of certain minerals. The next time when the specialist prescribes you Levothyroxine or other means of substitution therapy, ask, perhaps, to drug therapy you should drink mineral complexes and to restore the level of selenium, iodine, and iron? Compensate for the lack of hormones helps homeopathic remedies (Tarentula, Ignacy and Lachesis). From folk remedies to correct the problem often is a mixture of beet juice, potatoes and carrots in equal proportions, which is used every morning at 50 grams. Alternative medicines can become a mixture of chopped walnuts with garlic cloves boiled and dried dill, diluted with a spoon of honey. This means taking the morning one tablespoon daily to correct the problem.

Aloe5. Medications for heartburn (Omez, omeprazole)
Heartburn sometimes is found in each of us, however, people suffering from diseases of the stomach, taking proton pump blockers and other means to reduce the level of hydrochloric acid on a daily basis. This may violate the absorbability of minerals and the growth of pathogenic organisms in the gut. What can replace drugs for heartburn? First of all, it’s soda. This natural antacid for a couple minutes and cures even severe heartburn. Here are often used soda is harmful to health, and therefore should look for safer medication. Such, for example, are slippery elm lozenges with. Enveloping excellent gastric mucosa, it protects the vegetable means of excess acid, high content of antioxidants and helps prevent inflammation. In addition, rapidly rid the body of heartburn help licorice root and aloe juice, which should be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach for a tablespoon. And thanks to the presence of a component of bromelain a real boon in the fight against heartburn will and pineapple.

Cranberry juice6. Antibiotics (Gentamicin, Azithromycin)
About antibiotics without prescription deserves mention. Today, anti-infective agents who are taking or laziness, and even “stuffed” their children, absolutely not thinking about the fact that antibiotics destroy the human immune system, making the body vulnerable and defenseless. And some doctors are not too caring about patients in a hurry to appoint an antibiotic without offering previously to try to fight the infection by natural means. For example, respiratory infections may be washed sinuses from sea brine, which is preparing for the ¼ tsp salt and ¼ tsp soda dissolved in 150 ml of warm water. As practice shows, each such washing removes up to 90% of bacteria from the nose, and therefore, such a solution may be worthy, and, most importantly, safe alternative to antibiotics. By the way, in the nature of many natural antibiotics that can be replaced even stronger antibiotics. Thus, the garlic fine treats pneumonia, tea tree oil is used for infections of the respiratory tract, propolis saves from angina, cranberry treats diseases of the genitourinary system, and purple echinacea is an effective remedy for the flu. Talk to your doctor, can be assigned to an antibiotic can be replaced by one of these means.

Lavender Oil7. Sedations (Afobazol, Phenibut)
Statistics show that from anxiety disorders today suffers every second resident of the metropolis.Constant stress, lack of sleep and inability to relax lead to fatal consequences for the nervous system that manifests a variety of unpleasant symptoms. The patient in this case is usually grabs the sedatives, which basically do a good job with the disorder, however, place a heavy load on the kidneys, liver and stomach, causing various diseases. But in nature, there are a lot of soothing herbs, such as lavender and lemon balm, from which you can prepare effective soothing teas. And motherwort with valerian as infusions are generally known sedatives, and harmless to the body. It also may include chamomile tea and soothing bath in which you can add all of the above herbs.Physicians, in turn, may be advised by means bromides, lithium and magnesium salts.

Fitness8. Medications for diabetes (metformin)
The vast majority of “diabetics” have to constantly take anti-diabetic drugs such as metformin and the like, which help to maintain blood sugar levels. But is it worth to talk about the dangers of drugs, which, one way or another, affect the liver? The only viable alternative medications in this case is an active way of life. According to doctors, after two weeks of regular training the muscles of the patient begin on 60% more receptive to insulin, because it is better absorbed by glucose and blood flow increases. Ideally, persons suffering from type II diabetes need three anaerobic sessions per week, as well as two sessions of resistance to completely abandon drugs and feel healthy.

Hawthorn9. Preparations for insomnia (Roser, Lunesta)
insomnia problem quite naively considered trivial, but because almost no one goes to the specialists it. Moreover, in any pharmacy in the public domain there are lots of hypnotic drugs, ready to help all those who can not sleep. But statistics show that 60% of people suffering from insomnia, taking sleeping pills almost every night. Can you find them a decent alternative? Of course you can. Pharmacies should look for homeopathic remedies on the basis of hawthorn, poppy or passionflower. This vegetable base perfectly calms the nerves and helps to fall asleep, it is completely not harmful and does not cause addiction. Another excellent sleeping pills can be an infusion of parsley and dill seeds. 50 g mixed seeds should pour 500 ml of dry red wine and cook over low heat for 20 minutes. Cool and strain the broth, it should take 50 ml at night.

Chicory10. Remedies for depression (sertraline)
Depression these days is not uncommon. Persons exposed to stress and did not know how to deal with it, are simply doomed to clash with depression, the output of which, in the opinion of the majority, only one – the antidepressants. However, funds from depression is very insidious. They rather quickly developed a highly addictive, but an attempt to give up their reception leads to the strongest “breaking” and the desire to resume treatment. Besides antidepressants contribute to weight gain and negatively affect the sexual life. But how to deal with depression, if not drugs?According to homeopaths, antidepressant effect can boast of plants such as chicory, rosemary and hawthorn. But even more effectively removes from depression decoction of St. John’s wort, which should take 100 ml every morning. Not the least role in the fight against depression, eating right plays, namely the regular consumption of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, meat, vegetables and dairy products. And to finally forget about the depression and never with it does not collide regularly to saturate the body with endorphins, which are produced during exercise. I wish you health!

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Natural Alternatives Most drink Medicines

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