The Harmful Vitamin D Deficiency

Ongoing scientific studies do not get tired to surprise us with new capabilities support the required tone of the body and prevent many diseases. In this regard, as it turns out, scientists are advised to regularly take “sunbathing”, which will support the body’s optimal level of vitamin D.

Deficiency of this vitamin due to the fact that almost six months of the year, autumn and winter, a person simply does not get vitamin D from the sun and did not know what to replace it. A solar starvation threatens the body insomnia , fatigue and severe irritability. But the most dangerous thing that this vitamin deficiency threatens the development of cancer!

An alternative to artificial sunlight UV radiation can act. Many people immediately have thoughts of the solarium, but not all of them are useful, because the rays of shorter 270 nm only destroy vitamin D, and the majority of tanning salons is set only at ensuring even tan, but not on the accumulation of the body of this vitamin. Windowpane also prevents saturation of vitamin D, as it absorbs up to 95% of UV rays. That is why in winter it is worth thinking about the right artificial light, as well as getting vitamin D from foods.

Effect of vitamin D on the activity of genes

Speaking about the beneficial effects of this substance on human genes in the first place it is worth noting the ability of this medicinal substance to deal with chronic inflammation and infectious diseases. In addition, a biologically active agent produces a 200 antimicrobial peptides, most of which is considered important cathelicidin, which is a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic. This is largely due to the effectiveness of vitamin considered against colds and flu .

Numerous studies conducted in 2013, suggest that the optimal content of vitamin D the body can improve both physical and mental state of a person, a positive effect on pregnancy outcome by reducing the risk of cesarean delivery and preeclampsia . Moreover, the regular intake of such a biologically active substance prevents bacterial infections, autism, Alzheimer’s disease and other brain dysfunctions, strokes, and other cardiac pathologies, as well as diabetes mellitus type I and II. And held today experiments offer hope that with the help of vitamin D can deliver diabetics from depression, to prevent Crohn’s disease and even breast cancer.

The benefits of vitamin D in Crohn’s disease

Research conducted in 2007 showed that a deficiency of this vitamin was observed in 80% of patients with Crohn’s disease . This led to new experiments, which have established the interaction between the amount of vitamin D and susceptibility to the disease. Of the seven examined four DNA strands showed a significant association between the described vitamin and Crohn’s disease. That is now possible to say that the lack of biologically active substances largely affects changes in the genes, and thus the occurrence of disease.

Vitamin D prevents depression and reduces pain

Lead researcher Todd Doyle in his report warns that vitamin D can reduce pain in diabetic patients and prevent the onset of depression. “Our research group tried to determine how active vitamin affect pain as well as depression women with type II diabetes. As a result, the three-month experience, during which each patient taking 50,000 IU of vitamin D2 was found out that 85% of women reported a decrease of neuropathic pain, and 72% told about the disappearance of sensory pain, ie, numbness and tingling of the toes and hands. The mood of women also began to improve after the second month of vitamin D2 ».

Vitamin D3 is much more useful vitamin D2

Meanwhile, some scientists are reporting even better performance that can be achieved intake of vitamin D3. On the contrary, they fear to speak out about long-term prospects of receiving the D2 vitamin, which is the application of more than 6 months can harm the body.

According to the results of experiments that were conducted 18 months, and in which, in total, attended by more than 94 000 participants found out that vitamin D3 is 25% reduced mortality in people with diabetes, whereas vitamin D2 on the contrary, increased the level of 3%. It can be concluded from this that a long time to take vitamin D2 is not recommended.

Vitamin D decreases the risk of breast cancer

More recently, the World Health Organization has considered carefully the recommendations of the British surgeon Professor Mokbel, which encourages women as often as possible to make vitamin D in order to prevent such diseases as breast cancer . Mokbel professor also drew attention to the need to ensure free tablets women with vitamin D, which would save over 1 million lives a year. “It was a regular vitamin D intake will allow women to prevent cancer and save their lives,” – said in a statement.

But numerous experiments of Professor Mokbel today suggest that supplementation of calcium and vitamin D, allows a 60% reduction in the risk of colon cancer or lung cancer. The uniqueness of this method is that it is simple and very cheap and therefore affordable to every woman on the planet.

The crucial importance of vitamin D for cancer prevention

In fact, already today should say that maintaining the level of vitamin D in the body can be protected from ovarian cancer, pancreatic, breast or prostate cancer, as well as skin cancer .Theories of communication of these diseases with vitamin D deficiency were confirmed 200 epidemiological studies. Moreover, receiving 1,100 IU of vitamin D per day, and 1450 mg of calcium can not only prevent but also combat existing cancer cells in the body. The explanation the researchers found that the so-called vitamin D, the vitamin is not inherently a powerful steroid hormone, has a decisive importance in the fight with cancer.

The importance of maintaining the level of vitamin D in the blood

Doctors agree that the fight against cancer is important to monitor the level of the described vitamin serum year round. The minimum rate in this respect is 40 ng / ml, while the optimal level should be in the range of 50-70 ng / ml. The researchers suggest that if vitamin maintain the blood level of 60 ng / ml (150 nmol / L) can be prevented to 58,000 cases of breast diseases, and 49,000 to pancreatic cancer.

General principles of supplementation with vitamin D

Speaking of general recommendations, doctors advise each person to take daily 8000 IU of vitamin D per day for as long as it does not reach the level of 50-70 ng / ml. The main thing to remember that getting vitamin D through the reception of “sunbathing” is more useful to the body, while taking this vitamin with biological need to work together with vitamin K2. Tested for vitamin D levels necessary twice a year, preferably in August, when its level has to be the highest, and in February when all indicators in the blood level of the substance will be the lowest. Think about your health now and be happy!

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The Harmful Vitamin D Deficiency

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