4 things that maybe you never tell PHYSICIAN

Doctors are people living with death. That is, they face health situations incriminating day.They must deal with the obligation to deliver bad news to patients and often suffer a lot of pressure for the confidence that people have in them.

Anyway, we can not forget that before doctors are people, have feelings and there are times when they prefer to hide certain information or may not warn of how delicate may be the condition of a patient not to see him suffer. This does not mean being lied to, but choose to be subtle and not arouse panic in their patients.

If you want to know what are the chances that a doctor could sometimes avoid explicit information, read below:

” Your heart is in serious trouble ”

While we associate heart problems more men than women, this condition also suffer from the female gender. However, doctors prefer not to tell a woman that her heart suffers a serious risk and opt to tell the urgent need is to lose weight.

According to a study by the American College of Cardiology, it was concluded that in the United States although there is a 75% of women suffering from heart disease, only 16% knew by your doctor.

” Your memory is failing ‘

No one would like to know that your memory is deteriorating (although often we notice).Therefore, in most cases, doctors do not you communicate to their patients that memory fails them or who have Alzheimer’s. Choose to use other terms or maquillarlo somehow for the diagnosis is not so hard.

” Your lungs are not well ”

Some doctors prefer not to subject their patients to the recommended check for safe lungs radiographs. At a conference, most doctors said they would not perform the corresponding computed tomography for possible cases of lung cancer, ie in smokers. Their argument is that it is not necessary to take these measures and exposing the patient to X-rays as harmful as much stress.

Anyway, lung cancer in its early months shows no symptoms and the only way to detect it is through x-rays.

” You should follow more closely your mammograms ”

As breast cancer the cancerous condition to which more number of women are diagnosed, it is a sensitive issue for doctors to treat. Having different types of tissue, there are different types of breast.

Dense breasts tissue pose a greater risk of developing a tumor and can be a problem when analyzing mammograms, it is why women with dense tissue is recommended greater monitoring of the health of their breasts.

The problem here is that women are not always warned of this condition or they could take precautions. Many do not even know exactly what it means until they are diagnosed with thiscancer. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your gynecologist what is your tissue. It is understandable that do not want to scare us, but it is always desirable to prevent.

Now it is necessary to clarify that not all doctors share a common pattern, because as I mentioned earlier, before doctors are people and each has ways of being and thinking very diverse. However, it never hurts to know what aspects of our health some doctors prefer not to delve too much or have greater difficulty communicating there is a problem that we do not panic.

It is important to know that any medical disease or condition hide, sometimes simply use more subtle language and so we should be vigilant and take all necessary measures to prevent.

4 things that maybe you never tell PHYSICIAN

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