5 Reasons Why secretly love rainy days

Let’s face it, rainy days are the best! Who does not love being in pajamas, curl up next to someone or read under those sounds?

Rainy days are as special as a holiday. You can be a little loose, take a little longer to get to places and, above all, be sad for the simple pleasure of being so.

Here are the reasons I secretly love the rain:

# 5 It’s a perfect excuse for not leaving home

Who is willing to put your favorite shoes at risk? No one!

And lucky for you, you do not want to socialize, you finally have a legitimate reason not to take a bath and go outside. It’s your night dream made reality.

# 4 You can hear sad songs could not be more

The rainy weather is very appropriate to tune all those sad songs and feel depressed for no other reason that noise and harmonies.

# 3 You put yourself familiar with your series and movies on Netflix

You’ve been meaning to watch that movie that everyone saw, for three years. Then you have a sexy date with your Netflix account and you’re not going to cancel.

# 2 You can wear comfortable clothing

Dressing in rainy days can be a real headache. Fortunately there are loose pants, pajamas and warm clothing to be comfortable at home.

# 1 You can turn to your side emo

Sometimes we just want to mourn and be unhappy because it’s fun. Feelings of sadness can also feel very, very well. Dark skies are the perfect metaphor for your soul at that time.

5 Reasons Why secretly love rainy days

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